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Player, Jeff Salzenstein's Personal  Coaching 
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Claim Your All Access Pass To Former Top 100 ATP  
Player, Jeff Salzenstein's Personal  Coaching  
And Transformational Tennis Instruction
Get Access To Live VIP Monthly Coaching With High Performance Coach, Jeff Salzenstein, The Tennis Evolution Step-By-Step Success Journey, 14 Bonus Programs Inside The Tennis Evolution Vault,  Access To The Private Facebook Group, Other Bonuses, Plus Much Much More.
Get Access To Live VIP Monthly Coaching With High Performance Coach, Jeff Salzenstein, The Tennis Evolution Step-By-Step Success Journey, 14 Bonus Programs Inside The Tennis Evolution Vault,  Access To The Private Facebook Group, Other Bonuses, Plus Much Much More.
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Hey, Jeff Salzenstein here.

If you’re looking for a clear path to follow to take your tennis to that next level, then pay close attention, as I’ve got a special FREE gift I’d like to share with you that could help raise your game one whole level… or possibly even two, in as little as six months.

If you ever feel like…
… Your development as a player is inconsistent, and your not 
progressing as steadily as you’d like - despite putting in plenty of 
practice on the court… You’re not alone.
For my first few years as a young ATP pro, I found myself frustratingly stuck as a “journeyman”, hovering around 150 - 250 in the world rankings, relegated to minor leagues of pro tennis, and trying desperately just to make ends meet.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t seem to break into the upper echelons of the game.
The top 100 in the world eluded me.

But as I became more experienced as a player…

… and spent my hard earned prize money to seek out coaches like serve gurus John Yandel, and legendary mentor Robert Lansdorp...

… and spent countless hours pouring over replays of the world’s best players, obsessing over every little technique, footwork, and game plan in detail, going frame by frame to see what secrets I could uncover…

… I realized that the difference between how the world’s top coaches teach the game, and how the other 99% of coaches teach the game, is night and day!

The dirty truth is…
"The Traditional Method Of Coaching, Taught By The Vast Majority Of Coaches Is 
Outdated, And Riddled With Flaws - Keeping Players Like Yourself 
From Reaching Your True Potential."
You see, the way most coaches teach the game is overly analytical, and relies heavily on fixing things using classic technical cues such as:
… “turn your shoulders”… “rotate your hips”...
… “get the racquet back early”...
… “bend your knees”... “watch the ball”...
But when you stop following this overthinking approach - and instead start focusing more on feel… letting your racquet become a natural extension of your body...

… when you learn to move effortlessly like a dancer…

… when you learn to visualize like the pros do naturally…

Your game will go to new heights, regardless of your skill level, age, or ranking.


I know that may seem like a bold claim, and you may even be thinking, “why the heck should I believe a word you say?!” 

And that’s a fair point.

So, let me introduce myself, and you can judge for yourself whether you think I’m worth listening to.

I’m Jeff Salzenstein. Former Top 100 ATP singles and doubles player. 2 time All American and national champion at Stanford. USTA High Performance Coach. And USPTA elite professional.

By the age of 25, I had suffered two serious injuries, resulting in both knee and ankle surgery...

Sidelining my pro tennis career for the better part of two years!

But after incorporating these feel and visual based tennis secrets into my own game - and using them to become the first American to break into the top 100 past the age of 30 - there was no way I could keep this breakthrough to myself.

I just had to teach it.

I was convinced that any passionate, committed, adult player could jump at least 1 whole level... if not 2 - with a targeted focus on learning this process and “feeling” the game.

So over the past decade, since retiring from the pro circuit…
… I’ve Helped Thousands Of Players - From Complete Beginners, To ATP And 
WTA Professionals - Positively Transform Their Tennis Through 
My Revolutionary Approach To The Game… 
And that’s why I’m so confident I can do the same for you too.
Here’s What Just A Small Handful Of The Players I’ve Helped Transform Their Games Have To Say About My Coaching:
- Kristi
“After working with Jeff, I know I’m gonna be a better player in 6 months. In a year, I think I’m gonna be fierce on the court. I’m gonna have 100% confidence that I can win every match I play at my level.You know, 2-3 years down the line? I’m still gonna be a sponge. And I’m still gonna be trying to get as much as I can from Jeff, because he is the real deal”.
   - Ed
“There was a lot of lousy instructions out there. Especially on a rec level. There’s some really good tennis professionals and we... my wife and I… we latched onto those guy and girls, and we learned a lot. But with Jeff,it’s just a whole ‘nother level from the tennis instructions that we were getting.”
“I’ve never made this kind of rapid progress.  I’m gaining valuable experience in how to win, and how to go for big points. So, I would just have to say that I’ve never enjoyed my tennis this much, and I feel like I just enjoy it more and more.” 
I love working with players one-on-one, but I realize there are only so many hours in the day, and my time is limited. I’m very passionate and committed to helping players and coaches from all across the world transform their tennis…

So, that’s why I’ve created an exclusive membership site called Tennis Evolution Plus, where passionate players and coaches can always go to improve and thrive on the courts with their tennis.

 Inside Tennis Evolution Plus, you’ll be taken through a 6 month Tennis Success Journey, that is designed to raise your game 1 whole level (or possibly even 2).

 You’ll get access to the same cutting edge lessons and straightforward coaching advice you’d get from me if we took private lessons together.

Imagine having a sequential program developed by a former top 100 ATP pro turned high performance coach at your fingertips, helping you transform your game by giving you special targeted strategies and tactics
specifically designed to give you both quick wins and long term results… 
Is that something you’d be interested in?
Then let me give you a little peek as to what you’ll discover in each of the monthly modules inside Tennis Evolution Plus.
Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside Tennis Evolution Plus 
In module #1, you’ll discover:
  •  My proprietary shadow stroke routine which you can use to lock in specific techniques and movements, so that they become second nature for you 
  •  The RIGHT way to use the popular mini-tennis drill to dramatically improve your feel and focus 
  •  Discover the one smartphone app you can use to get in the zone before a match
  •  How to know which supposedly healthy nutrition bars are actually packed full of sketchy ingredients - And what you can eat instead, before, during, and after a match to keep your energy levels high throughout 

  •  The 3-Step Darth Vader mindset routine that is going to help eliminate nerves and put you in the right frame of mind to win more matches 

  •  The surprising reason why you SHOULDN’T stand so close to the baseline 

  • Kiss mindless warm ups goodbye! - You’ll discover the secrets to an effective mindful warm up that’ll set you up to play at your true potential 

  •  Why I believe the best way to eliminate errors from your game is to administer small doses of self punishment 

  •  If you often find yourself pulling off the ball, this secret “deep deep” drill could be the solution to fix that for you 

  •  How to develop more feel in your hands so you can start playing intuitive tennis (instead of mechanical tennis) with this secret I learned from an eccentric Irish lad

  •  Why you SHOULDN’T volley deep… and where to aim instead
And much more...
In module #2, you’ll discover:
  •  The simple Goran Ivanišević hopper method I used to transform my serve from average into a 136 mph weapon - that you can use too! 

  •  Discover the special pause technique that I personally learned for one of the world’s top serve coaches –  John Yandell – that can massively improve the consistency of your serve

  •  Is your serve too tight? This simple shaking solution can help loosen up your wrist in a matter of  seconds 

  •  Exactly where you should be aiming on your serve when you’re feeling nervous
  •  Sick of your serve always going wide? Learn the imaginary lane target protocol that you can use to drastically reduce your unforced errors…
  •  The one situation where you SHOULD be aiming past the service line on your serve

  •  An incredibly effective way to practice your return of serve on your own - This is especially great if you don’t have a partner who’s willing to feed you balls over and over again
  •  The surprising reason why exaggerating errors in this special way can instantly boost the accuracy of your serve

  •  The high finish trick you can use to hit more consistent forehands - This works a treat if you usually tighten up when you’re nervous
  •  4 ways you can aggressively attack your opponents 2nd serve - Consistently applying just 1 or 2 of these tactics is going to up your game significantly
  •  How to become a 1st shot master after your serve return and eliminate unforced errors 

  •  How to stop missing your return of serve late and wide by deliberately trying to miss - I know that might sound kinda strange, but when you apply what I teach in this lesson, it becomes very difficult NOT to hit a great return of serve

  •  The little-known reason why obsessing over your technique is actually hurting your serve – and what you should be focusing on instead.
  And Much More...
In module #3, you’ll discover:
  •  The truth about the highly misunderstood split step and how you can effectively incorporate it into your game

  •  The RIGHT way to move out of the split step - I see so many coaches teach this wrong, causing players to lose both timing and rhythm 

  •  An “old school” single minded method to instantly up the aggressiveness of your footwork, and start winning more points 

  •  Exactly how to move up and down the court in order to get to those hard to reach balls (This lesson goes way beyond the usual “just move your feet” advice given by most coaches

  •  Learn the most effective baseline footwork patterns to use in the middle of the court
  •  How to play stellar defence using your feet 

  •  The special “Salzy” version of the open stance footwork pattern, specifically designed for returning wide balls 

  •  A little known footwork pattern, used by the pros, to easily get to those pesky high and wide balls

  •  Discover the ONE time where moving through the ball can actually help your balance
  •  How to transition from the baseline to the net as efficiently as possible 

  •  If you often struggle to return high sitter’s, then surprisingly, the problem may be your footwork (NOT your forehand) - In this module, you’ll discover how to fix that 

  •  How to quickly get to the net to hit a winning overhead or volley… even after you’ve just returned a deep wide ball.
  And Much More...
In module #4, you’ll discover:
  •  The “relaxing” secret behind developing effortless power, control and consistency on your forehand

  •  The shocking reason why the way most coaches teach the backhand volley is actually making players WORSE - (Yes...Worse!) - But don’t fret… I’ll show you a simple way you can quickly fix that incorrect technique you’ve been taught, and develop a killer topspin volley

  •  Bjorn Borg’s special technique to avoid getting jammed on your backhand
  •  The “against the fence” drill that’s going to help you perfect the first move on your serve - so many coaches neglect to teach this, but without a great first move, you’re setting yourself up to hit a poor serve 

  •  If you struggle with your forehand returns, practicing this simple catch and hold technique is sure to help you develop a more stable and consistent forehand 

  •  Making wind can fix your serve? – The continuous swing drill that can naturally fix your poor elbow positioning… help you perfect your shoulder turn… and dial in your timing and rhythm – all without having to actively think about any of these individual details 

  • The 2 biggest mistakes most rec players make on their 1 handed backhand and how to fix them (Hint: Copying the pro’s in NOT the solution) 

  •  This slow go, delay the hand concept will give you a simple fix to get your timing in check, and start hitting your serves with much more power – without sacrificing on accuracy 

  •  Hit 2 handed backhands with effortless power by practicing this simple “wiggle the fingers” drill 

  •  A big mistake many amateurs make on their forehand volley… and the powerful Pat Rafter-esque stopping technique that’ll eliminate this crippling error from your game for good 

  •  2 simple tips for quickly developing a strong overhead… even if you don’t currently have great serve technique

                                                                       And Much More...
Module #5 : NEXT LEVEL
In module #5, you’ll discover:
  •  The big problem with the way almost everyone on Youtube is teaching you the serve and volley… and what to do instead

  •  How to avoid the 3 HUGE mistakes I often see players making on their serve footwork, and recovery - And the 3 step footwork pattern you can use to recover more efficiently
  •  The proactive way to move your feet when a body shot is coming hurling straight at you - most player’s panic get this wrong 

  •  Do you ever find yourself lunging for the ball - throwing yourself off balance - in order to return a wide serve? I’ll show you the easy “squaring up” solution to this common footwork error 

  •  An advanced footwork technique, used by the pro’s, for moving across the baseline with more efficiency, that is NOT taught by most coaches
  •  Andy Murray’s special shuffle pattern, which quickly fixes a common footwork mistake many players are making on their backhand 

  •  An elegant no-rush recovery step, often used by Federer, that you can use to quickly get back to the center whenever you get pulled out wide on your backhand 

  •  A volley technique which Peter Fleming (John McEnroe's doubles partner) shared with me in England, which rocked my world - This will completely change the way you think about volleys forever 

  •  2 shockingly common errors that even some advanced players often make when moving to hit an overhead… and how to fix them 

  •  The RIGHT way to handle the running backhand - (one of the most difficult shots in tennis) - I’ve never met another coach who teaches this, and I only discovered this secret myself from relentlessly studying the top pros 

  •  A go-to get out of trouble specialty shot which you can use to easily clear the net on stressful balls that are outside your strike-zone 

  •  The weird after-contact swing speed change that will give you better ball control on your slice backhand.
  And Much More...
In module #6, you’ll discover:
  •  How to use the subtle French flair technique to instantly add extra topspin to your backhand

  •  The simple strategy adjustments you can make in order to beat those pesky pusher’s who are always trying to lure you into making unforced errors… 

  •  How to move the pusher out of their comfort zone, and put yourself in a fantastic position to win the point 

  •  2 successful serve and volley patterns - used by the pros - that you can use too, to win point after point

  •  Why you should NEVER finish over the shoulder on your putaway forehands - and what to do instead 

  •  The “pinch the middle” method to successfully poaching in a doubles match… without having to fully commit to the poach

  •  2 simple tips to help you stop flubbing your low half volleys when you’re playing doubles
  •  A common doubles serving mistake made by most 3.0 - 3.5 level players - and how to avoid it so you don’t get stuck in “no man’s land” 

  •  When NOT to hit a high floating ball with a conventional volley 

  •  So many players struggle with the backhand return in doubles - I break down the subtleties of the shot from both the deuce and ad court to get you hitting your best backhand returns ever 

  •  How to be a more decisive doubles player - This simple trick helps you quickly identify exactly where to aim on your next shot 

  •  The counter-intuitive approach I used on the pro tour to attack the net successfully… that works wonders, even if you’re playing against an advanced player with excellent defence

  •  The deceptive reason why you shouldn’t always hit your volley deep after your serve… despite what many coaches may tell you 

  •  2 tricks you can use to return serves more consistently - These tricks are kinda “gimmicky”, but they work like a charm

  •  A laserlike return you can use to devastate your opponents 2nd serve - Djokovic can hit these types of returns in his sleep… So with a little practice, you should be able to hit them while you’re awake 

  •  This sneaky positioning tactic you can use to take away your opponents best serve and mess with their head - Do this and your opponent only has a snowball’s chance in hell of acing you.
  And Much More...
But That’s Not All…
Tennis Evolution Plus members, also get access to a number 
of exclusive bonuses, including:
Bonus #1: Monthly Group VIP Coaching Call - ($97/month value) 
I want to give you that personal touch so that you can take your game to the next level.

One of the perks of joining us as a Tennis Evolution Plus team member is the VIP live coaching call I deliver each and every month, where you essentially have me at your fingertips to get all your burning questions answered. And those calls are all recorded, so you’ll always have access to them inside the membership portal.
Bonus #2  Access to 14 Premium Standalone Training Programs - ($2758 value)
On top of the 6 month training program, you’re going to get access to 14 additional training programs 
(worth $197 each) that you’re free to dive into at anytime you wish.
       Those Programs Are:
Tennis Fundamentals Unlocked
Serve Return Fixes
Go To Strategy
Slice Serve Secrets
Kick Serve Secrets
Instant Serve Cure
Topspin Forehand Secrets
Backhand Secrets 1 Hander
Backhand Secrets 2 Hander
Net Play Secrets

The Baseline Footwork Secrets
Transition Footwork Secrets
Drop Shot Secrets
Punish The Pusher
Bonus #3: Exclusive VIP Facebook Group - ($47/month value)
As another added bonus you’ll get access to our private Facebook group where you’ll become part of the most passionate, committed collection of tennis players, coaches, and fans in the world.

You can ask any questions inside the group and we will be there to support you. Share your wins, your challenges, your perspectives and and hang out with really cool tennis folks eager to improve like you. It’s a community of like minded players getting better every day, and I’d love for you to join us.

Having that accountability from me and the others in the group is so valuable. I recently read a study that showed your likelihood of achieving a goal goes up 85% if you have accountability behind it, and I’ve found that to be very true in tennis. We’ve created a community out of this, and it’s awesome to see all the success and happiness our members are experiencing.

Take Out The Guesswork Of Improving Your Game
Most players feel that their development is “all over the place” and scattered…

But what if you had a sequential program developed by a former top 100 ATP pro, turned high performance coach? A step-by-step process, which took you on a success journey towards playing your best tennis ever… 

All digitally delivered to you in the form of easy to consume, weekly video training modules. 

Imagine absorbing into your mind a system that’s based on over 30 years worth of experience at all levels of the game… Junior, college and pro… And from picking the brains of many master tennis coaches and players. 
How Much Would That Be Worth To You?
You’re going to be getting access to the exact same cutting edge lessons, and no nonsense coaching advice that you’d get if you were to take private lessons with yours truly. (Which is very expensive)

Getting this same level of tennis education on your own would require a minimum $10,000 investment. That would include trying to follow and model the top players and coaches on the ATP circuit. You’d then have to spend years testing your theories, doubting yourself along the way, and there’s absolutely zero guarantee it would work.

But suppose you went straight to the source and shortcutted the process. Learning from me on court with a series of one-on-one personal lessons.

$300 per hour for 10-20 hours of personalised coaching would set you back a hefty sum.

Somewhere between $3,000 and $6,000.

And that’s before you even factor in your travel and accomodation costs of travelling out to Denver to work with me personally.

But luckily for you, Tennis Evolution Plus won’t cost you $10,000… $6,000… or even $3,000.

Let me ask you…

What would you say would be a fair price for a system can realistically raise your game 1, or even 2 levels?

Do you have a figure in mind?

Well scratch that - Because, do you remember how I mentioned at the top of this page that I had a FREE gift I wanted to share with you?

Well here it is.

I’d like to give you the opportunity to…

Monthly Membership
HUGE 48%
Then Just $47 / Month After 7 Days
Normally $97 / Month 
Today Join FREE!
Yearly Membership 
HUGE 66% 
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Normally $1164 / Year 
Today Just $397 / Year!
However, I must mention, this offer will only be available for a limited amount of time.  Reason being, I prefer to limit the amount of new member joining Tennis Evolution Plus at any given time so that they all get the attention required to help them get the most out the training and community. 

So if this is something you’re interested in, I urge to act fast before you miss out. 
Upon claiming your free trial, you’re going to get instant access to the first week of lessons called “Build Your Foundation”. And right off the bat you are going to discover how to quickly develop better feel, improve extension on all your groundstrokes, and position yourself better on the court, in order to win more points.  

That’s not all though.  

In the first week I am also going to reveal my warm up secrets which will include powerful mindset focus tips before you play, and specific tennis nutrition strategies... a bag check to make sure you are well equipped for battle… a kick but dynamic warm up routine to get your body loose, limber and activated... and finally one of my proprietary shadow stroke and footwork routines that will lock in your technique and movement before you even start playing.

After your 7 day free trial, you get join Tennis Evolution Plus at just $47 per month. At this point, you’ll get access to the next stage of the Tennis Success Journey trainings, as well as the 14 premium bonus vault programs, valued at over $3,000.

Now, don’t worry…

If you take the 7 day trial and decide you don’t want to become a full member, that’s totally okay too. All you have to do is send an email to letting us know, and my support team will make sure that you do not get charged.
But I must remind you.

This is a Limited Time Offer.
So if you’re at all interested in taking this 7 day free trial of Tennis Evolution Plus, I’d urge you to act now and click the button below to get started - before all of the spots fill up.
Monthly Membership
HUGE 48%
Then Just $47 / Month After 7 Days
Normally $97 / Month 
Today Join FREE!
Yearly Membership 
HUGE 66% 
Skip The Trial And Lock In Discount!
Normally $1164 / Year 
Today Just $397 / Year!
What My Clients Are Saying...
“I LOVE playing tennis. I have been playing tennis for 20+ years. About 3-4 years ago I ordered/received Jeff's Tennis Serve Secrets program. I love Jeff's style. I love the fact that Jeff goes into GREAT detail with all his products. His techniques are the STATE of the ART.

Jeff gives you everything you need to know. Jeff leaves no corner undone. My serve has vastly improved. This is the same with all Jeff's products. Right now I have apprx. 12-13 of Jeff's products. If you are serious about your tennis game you need to order one of his products. Trust me if you love tennis you will be very happy.” 
“I've been watching your online video tips for awhile and find them very informative and valuable, thanks! I am amazed with the total amount of material and detail that you provide. I feel these represent an outstanding bargain, for the quality and sheer amount of instruction which you give. I would characterize myself in the 'monkey-see-monkey-do' category, and your video clips make it so easy to emulate what you are trying to teach us.

I foresee purchasing future instruction packages, and can heartily recommend others do so, without reservations...they WILL get more than their money's worth of value.”
“I have been an online tennis student of Jeff's since 2013 and consider myself a bit of a disciple. Jeff's instruction is serious and comprehensive. Even though I have studied his videos for years I still review them on a regular basis. The better I get, the more I can appreciate his instruction.

I immediately liked and improved from Jeff's instruction because he fully integrates movement with stroke technique. I must give Jeff his due in helping me improve my NTRP rating from 3.5 to 4.5 at the age of 46.”
“I wanted to share with you the impact that your online courses have had on my tennis. Now people in my club talk about my play being "on fire!" and I am so happy and excited to get a spike in my performance.

I cannot tell you how much I was starting to become disillusioned with my lack of progress until I met you. I can only describe your programs as an oasis of knowledge!”
No Risk 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee
After your 7 day free trial, you will be billed $47/month to continue your membership to Tennis Evolution Plus.

If at any point you wish to cancel your membership, all you have to do is either call us at toll free at 1 (855) 930-1030 or outside US/Canada at 1(720) 613-5820 or send us an email to

And if you ever feel that Tennis Evolution Plus didn’t live up to your expectations, then just let our support team know and they will refund you 100% of any membership fees you’ve paid within the last 30 days.

Sound fair?

If you think so, just click the link below to start your 7 day free trial today:
Monthly Membership
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Then Just $47 / Month After 7 Days
Normally $97 / Month 
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Yearly Membership 
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