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Success Stories Are Pouring In...
"I have been an on line tennis student of Jeff's since 2013 and consider myself a bit of a disciple. Jeff's instruction is serious and comprehensive. Even though I have studied his videos for years I still review them on a regular basis. The better I get, the more I can appreciate his instruction. I immediately liked and improved from Jeff's instruction because he fully integrates movement with stroke technique. I must give Jeff his due in helping me improve my NTRP rating from 3.5 to 4.5 at the age of 46."

-Evan Hart
"I LOVE playing tennis. I have been playing tennis for 20+ years. About 3-4 years ago I ordered/received Jeff's Tennis Serve Secrets program. I love Jeff's style. I love the fact that Jeff goes into GREAT detail with all his products. His techniques are the STATE of the ART.

Jeff gives you everything you need to know. Jeff leaves no corner undone. My serve has vastly improved. This is the same with all Jeff's products. Right now I have apprx. 12-13 of Jeff's products. If you are serious about your tennis game you need to order one of his products. Trust me if you love tennis you will be very happy."

-Greg, Washington
"In addition to the success I had prior which I told you about, my 2015 mens team and I also just won Nationals a month ago at Indian Wells!
I cant say this enough: You are an AMAZING coach in every way. I’ve rarely seen anyone be able to break down tennis strokes and teach them in a more clear and understandable way than you can. While I am an advanced player and I coach as well (I was a Div I college player back in the day and have taught juniors and adults for 20 years), even at my age (45), I feel like Ive taken even more steps forward and improved with your instruction since I started studying your video lessons a few years back. Keep up the great work!"

-Sam, Maryland
"I just wanted to thank you for showering my inbox with a wealth of solid tennis tips. I subscribed somewhat on a whim but the constant influx of knowledge is becoming more and more of a pleasure to read.

Overall, your passion for the game shines through in each lesson, and that's infectious to those of us who are equally passionate. Much respect for your efforts and keep up the good work."


"Thank you so much for opening the treasure trove of information that I have been seeking since a youngster. I purchased the forehand course and in two sessions I went from hitting the ball 29% of the time in the center of the racket to 69% today. Before most of the balls were coming off the top part of the racket. Pretty amazing."

-David, Michigan
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"Your programs are premier class…the best on the market in breaking down the elements of the serve and the technique in simple understanding and enabling execution. Thank you..”
-Brett, USA

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How would you like to have direct access to me every month where you can get your "burning" questions answered.  That's all have spoken and I've listened so that you can get more of me.  I will make myself available each month to answer your questions and share my perspective on all things tennis.  Have questions about technique, footwork, strategy, mental toughness, injury prevention, fitness? Want to know the insider secrets of how the pros train and compete.  You will get to jump on a call with me and ask away so that you can keep improving and growing 

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Feature #4: "Salzy" Shortcuts
A powerful feature coming soon to Tennis Evolution Plus Premium, you will get my proprietary, time tested lessons and strategies only be available as a premium member. The goal of "Salzy Shortcuts" is to FAST TRACK your results as you develop more accuracy, consistency, and and confidence with various aspects of your game.  Improve your serve, return, groundstrokes, volleys, passing shots, and so much more.

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You’re going to get a 12 month, tennis training program where each week you’ll learn the most rock solid fundamentals, tips, and strategies so that you can develop all aspects of your game.  Each weekly lesson will build on the previous one by following a systematic step-by-step learning progression and these bite sized golden nuggets of information will be perfect for you because you’ll get just the right amount instruction without getting that overwhelming feeling from thinking too much on the court.  As a Tennis Evolution Plus Premium  member, you’ll get high impact tips and strategies that will significantly improve your strokes…your forehand, backhand, serve, return of serve, volleys, and you’ll also uncover powerful training advice as it relates to your footwork, fitness and even mental toughness. 

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Let’s talk about the amazing community of committed players that we have. In the last few years, players from over 65 different countries have invested in and fallen in love with my online tennis instruction!  The feedback has been nothing short of phenomenal, and you’re going to feel the love when you join us. At the end of the day, having a strong community is what it's all about and when you become a member of Tennis Evolution Plus, you’ll get immediate access to a special VIP private Facebook group where you can hang out and share your perspectives, ask questions, and get tips alongside other tennis enthusiasts that love the game as well.

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    **Upon Completing the 21 day trial access to the Tennis Evolution Plus you will
    be charged the special discount rate of $97 per month
    ($197 per month value...that's a MASSIVE 53% discount!)
    Jeff Salzenstein
    Co-Founder and CEO Tennis Evolution
    Former ATP Top 100 Singles & Doubles Player
    Two Time Stanford All-American 
    & National Champion
    Check Out What These Players Think 
    About Jeff's Coaching
    "Your one handed backhand course has been invaluable. I’ve been playing the game for years, and your breakdown of the follow through has helped me to hit my topspin backhand better than ever. Definitely helped my confidence in the shot immensely. Your weekly e-mails and videos are always thought provoking and give me ideas of what to try next on the court." 

    - Phil, Illinois   
    "I've been watching your online video tips for awhile and find them very informative and valuable, thanks! I am amazed with the total amount of material and detail that you provide. I feel these represent an outstanding bargain, for the quality and sheer amount of instruction which you give. I would characterize myself in the 'monkey-see-monkey-do' category, and your video clips make it so easy to emulate what you are trying to teach us.

    I foresee purchasing future instruction packages, and can heartily recommend others do so, without reservations...they WILL get more than their money's worth of value."

    -Steve, North Carolina
    "To my absolute amazement and delight I started hitting my backhand like never before. I tried it again today and I tried to actually rip my backhand at times and I did and repeated the solid hits!! I'm now a proud owner of a 2 handed backhand that is legitimate and becoming a weapon thanks to your system in 1 DAY!!!!
    The secret sauce for me was relaxing the hand at finish!!!!! I then invested in the rest of your system and feel great and excited about the investment.”

    - Michael, Ohio
    "Wanted to say thanks again for your great coaching work and share some more success. Your serve videos are fantastic (as all of your videos are). Your serving lessons have helped me develop a more reliable kick serve

     - Sam, Maryland
    “Jeff, this is an incredible course. I love the way you break it all down into small pieces so there's never too much to think about at any one time. The demonstrations are clear, precise and easy to understand. I also like the way you put just the right amount of theoretical explanation and then show how that plays out." 

     - Seth, California
    "Your videos on the ready position, how to handle the off arm, and footwork have been transformation in a very short time. I have cured my pulling up and off the ball early woes. I am very pleased.” 

     - Joe, North Carolina
    "Long time subscriber of your lessons/courses. I am pretty amazed at the buggy whip forehand course. Just having spent a day practicing with the buggy whip, you have opened my eyes to a technique which I hadn't even considered.
    It felt great, I was hitting some great kicking topspin.  Anyway, great course and info, and keep up the good work!” 

    - Jason, Australia 
    I hit a few hundred balls and the results were amazing - much more power and consistency. I could not believe it !
    II was ripping it and gave them trouble with the pace. This rarely happened in the past. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jeff.” 

    - James Cohn, Florida

    “Your videos are nothing short of FANTASTIC. They are so motivating. 

     - Billy, California
    P.S. If you're truly serious about wanting to play your best tennis ever, win more matches, and have so much more fun learning and improving, then join us inside Tennis Evolution Plus 

    **Upon Completing the 21 day trial access to the Tennis Evolution Plus you will
    be charged the special discount rate of $97 per month
    ($197 per month value...that's a MASSIVE 53% discount!)
    Call Support At: +1 (303) 586-1887
    PO Box 22732, Denver, CO 80222, United States
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